Safer Insecticides


Regulators, growers, food retailers and consumers now demand safer insecticides. The latest technology breakthroughs at Vestaron have proven an impressive safety profile; products require a zero-day pre-harvest interval and only need a four-hour reentry interval.


Instead of fighting crop pests with harmful chemicals, our technology’s insect resistance  safely and effectively targets new metabolic pathways of pests. This is harmless to mammals (including humans), birds, fish, honeybees and other beneficial insects.

Sustainable Science


Vestaron’s scientific platform is rooted in novel, environmentally benign insect control focused on bioinsecticides, safer synthetics and GMO applications. These products are better for humans and the environment, and are needed by commercial agriculture and horticulture professionals.

Natural Peptides


Tens of thousands of insecticidal peptides exist in nature. Many are not toxic to mammals.  Spiders alone produce an estimated 5 million to 20 million distinct peptide toxins, some of which target metabolic pathways of pests that current insecticides do not. This targeted approach is why Spear products are designed to be non-toxic to mammals, honeybees and beneficial insects, birds or fish – species that do not have the receptor where the insecticide enters the cell.


Our technology isolates these peptides and solves the resistance problem by aggressively pinpointing and attacking new metabolic pathways.

Development Process


Our scientists were able to isolate and identify the nerve cell-based receptors for specific mode-of-action peptides. These receptors are now being employed in several ways to identify additional pesticide compounds, which provides growers with greater flexibility in field operations.


Vestaron’s products are produced through fermentation using proprietary modifications (patent pending) of a standard yeast expression system.

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